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World’s leading independent media agencies join forces to form new global media agency network, Local Planet Horizon Media, the7stars, Zertem Communications Group, Media Italia, pilot, CoSpirit MediaTrack, Tre Kronor and Percept Media are among Local Planet’s founder agencies

18 April 2016

A consortium of the world’s leading independent media agencies have joined forces to launch Local Planet, a new global media agency network.

At launch, Local Planet operates in over 40 markets across the world and includes Horizon Media in the U.S., the United Kingdom’s the7stars, Spain’s Zertem Communication Group, Italy’s Media Italia, Germany’s pilot, France’s CoSpirit MediaTrack, Sweden’s Tre Kronor and India’s Percept Media among its founder shareholder agencies.

The Local Planet network will be lean, agile and devoted to client service and media solutions on the ground and is committed to providing its international clients with a level playing field in accessing international strategy, value, transparency, technology and talent.

Martyn Rattle, formerly Global CEO of Vizeum and Global Chief Client Officer of Aegis Media, has been named Global CEO of Local Planet. Bill Koenigsberg, President, Founder and CEO of Horizon Media, the largest and fastest growing privately held media services agency in the world, has been named Chairman of the new network.

All the main shareholder agencies’ founders and leaders will sit on the newly formed Local Planet Group Board, leveraging the talents and experience of some of the leading names in the media industry.

“CoSpirit MediaTrack was a founder agency of Columbus Media International, a collective of highly respected and like-minded local, independent media agencies, sharing the same values and passion for providing clients with tailored, best-in-class, local media services and solutions,” said Florian Grill, Founder and CEO of CoSpirit MediaTrack, France and Board Director, Local Planet.

 “Market developments and the changing needs of international clients have inspired us to evolve the Columbus model.  We have, therefore, chosen an internationally experienced global CEO, supported by a senior network team, who will help us take the best of Columbus and create a genuine, globally competitive network that will appeal to a range of international clients who are looking for a different international agency partnership solution. We are, therefore, now launching Local Planet, a privately owned global media agency network, the only one of its kind”, said Jose Luis de Rojas, CEO, Zertem Communications Group, Spain and Board Director, Local Planet.

“We know that many international marketers are looking for an alternative to the holding company model, a more agile and service oriented solution built around their specific needs, said Martyn Rattle,

Global CEO of Local Planet. The shared experiences of starting successful independent agencies from scratch is an important factor behind Local Planet and its culture. Each one of Local Planet’s agencies has started, grown and succeeded by fighting for and on behalf of their clients.  We are now bringing that start-up, independent spirit to our global network. We are looking forward to working together with international clients in the pursuit of shared success.”

The Local Planet model also allows it to offer its clients best-in-market, tailored technology and data solutions through its local and international partnerships, rather than offering a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The network agencies currently work with some of the world’s most recognisable brands, including Geico, Capital One, Nike, IKEA, Viacom, Pfizer, H&M and Kayak, among others.

About the CoSpirit group:

Created in 1994, the CoSpirit Group is an independent marketing & media operational consulting group. The group specialises in optimising local or national marketing campaigns and media for three types of client: retail networks, local and regional authorities and brands.

Thanks to the launch of its Ambitions plan in mid-2012 and the high-performance digital tools developed by internal R&D teams to help customers optimise their actions, the group is enjoying very strong growth: 30% in 2013 and 39% in 2014 with revenues of EUR 11.5 million and a target of EUR 13.5 million for 2015. The group’s gross volumes for purchase of space also exceed EUR 225 million and the group expects this to grow to EUR 367 million in 2015.

The group is also pursuing its expansion internationally, where it generates nearly 10% of its revenues, drawing on the Local PLanet international network of independent media agencies, of which it is a member and shareholder.

The group also holds a 30% stake in Roamler France, a mobile phone application enabling a community of mobile users (Roamlers) to carry out field missions.

The CoSpirit group obtained the 5th highest rating in the RECMA qualitative ranking published in June 2015, where it also posted the strongest growth in business volume (+ 25%).

The group currently has 105 permanent employees based in Paris, Lyon and Tours.