CoSpirit MediaTrack, triple vainqueur du prix Agence Media de l'année by Offremedia


Since 2012 and the launch of its first AMBITIONS plan, the CoSpirit Group has experienced exponential growth, doubling in size between 2012 and 2015, 2 years ahead of schedule and with a new target of doubling revenues to EUR 25 million in 2018. This goal is based on an entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit that drives us to innovate constantly with the commitment of all the teams to do so in a spirit that makes us stand out from the rest.

Our development is focused on 3 strategic areas.

N° 1 in local communication in France and aiming to be N° 1 in Europe

Specialists in retail (distribution GSA and GSS) and local and regional authorities, we have an unmatched organisation and methodology with digital tools created by our R&D teams, our two enforcer teams on the ground (230 local media observers and network of 10,000 mobile users) and a Store Contact Team (SCT) of 20 people that interacts with over 5,000 stores. Our atypical organisational set-up and exclusive digital tools make us No. 1 for local communication in France. The goal is to go on to conquer Europe and we already have clients in Italy, Belgium and Spain.

N° 2 independent media agency in France and aiming to be N°1

MediaTrack, the media agency of the group, media agency of the year for 2016, with additional awards for innovation and strategy in the challenger category. Our goal is to become No. 1 independent media agency in France. To achieve this we are focusing on 4 strengths: our unmatched expertise in retail and local media; our international network of independent Columbus media agencies in 40 countries, offering a real alternative to the “big six” large integrated networks that lack both our vivacity and our entrepreneurial capacity; our 100% digital origins – we started out in 1996 in the digital sphere and moved on to cover all other media; and finally our ability as a group to conduct acquisitions. These strengths should enable us to triple in size in 3 years to target the No. 1 spot for independent media agencies in France.

Innovators and investors in the field of Retail

Continuous innovation is what we do! Most often it is built in co-development with our clients and partners and is evidenced through the work of our R&D teams. However, to remain at the forefront, the CoSpirit Group created RETAIL INNOV, our Retail innovation lab, which has led us to set up joint ventures with international companies providing technology solutions for European retailers in France or taking stakes in innovative start-ups that complement our offerings to our retail clients.

We are lovers of the local but also as international as they come. Entrepreneurial, digital, innovative and (why not?!) happy, these are the qualities that make our CoSpirit group teams stand out. We look forward to meeting you at our offices in Paris, Lyon and Tours to share in the warm welcome that is so dear to us!

Florian Grill

Chairman and CEO – co-founder