CoSpirit MediaTrack, triple vainqueur du prix Agence Media de l'année by Offremedia

Help you organise and manage and
your local communication

  • Through an approach tailored to the retailer’s organisation and context…
  • … by setting up a jointly defined way of working and appropriate tools…
  • … to deliver the service expected by the outlets

Implement a simple and scalable collaborative
platform for online management of all marketing and
communications resources used by your network

  • Via the features that meet the requirements of retailers with a network of outlets…
  • … for better efficiency of your teams and a significant reduction in costs

Management of your national marketing action plan catalogue distribution operations

  • In cooperation with distributors, printing providers and your team

Ensure “dynamic” management of your
long-term billboard campaigns

  • Reconstruction and complete inventory of your long-term billboard campaigns
  • Recommendations of changes to optimise costs and relevance of your billboards
  • Administrative management (contracts, POs, invoices for payment…)
  • National / Local negotiations with advertising networks
  • Everyday relations with site teams on all operational aspects
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of the billboards