CoSpirit MediaTrack, triple vainqueur du prix Agence Media de l'année by Offremedia

Resource strategy

  • Integration of communication strategy
  • Analysis of targets in socio-demographic/socio-cultural and geographic terms.
  • Detailed consideration of competitors’ activities
  • Identification of the best way to measure effectiveness
  • Media campaign report, taking all available research into account

Media & non-media strategy

  • Overall approachSystemic “on-off, above-below” approach
  • Systematic search for optimal synergies between national, regional and local
  • Digital dashboard and reporting at every level of client structure

Media planning & Geomedia planning

  • Open to alternative approaches:Chrono-planning, Efficient Rating Points
  • Consideration of media often ignored by other agencies:Unaddressed advertising, long-term posters, local digital, etc.

Financial negotiation & optimization

  • Objectivization of negotiation using simulations and benchmarks

Administrative & financial management

  • Specific organization adapted to complexity of the public markets, retail clients or local and regional authorities