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control distribution quality mailboxesHow to control the distribution quality of printed advertising?

How to control the distribution quality of printed advertising?

Knowing if printed advertisements are correctly distributed is a major concern for retailers, considering the huge amounts spent every year. There are many control systems adapted to the context and to the specificity of each retailer, but they all have the same goal: to provide operational elements in order to improve the quality of distribution. Besides optimizing the investment dedicated to the making and distribution of printed advertisements, the main objective remains to increase the number of visits to shops and therefore increase sales revenue.

large-retailers-competitive-pressure-index-cospiritLarge retailers: what is a competitive pressure index?

Large retailers: what is a competitive pressure index?

The CPI, or competitive pressure index, is a statistic used to measure in an objective and reliable way the competitive pressure applied on a point of sale in a given area. The CPI can also be used to compare shops. But how is it calculated? What can we learn from it? Mag de la Com’ gives you all these answers by answering 4 main questions:


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French advertisers spend 30 billion euros on communication every year, of which 10 billion euros of this goes on local investments. This comes as no surprise when you know how powerful local communication can be in persuading customers to visit your selling points. What are the best practices in terms of local communication? What is at stake? Your brand notoriety is not the only factor influencing store traffic anymore!

Invest in your local community; deploy your best sales staff; understand local communication media and concepts; monitor your competitor’s use of these concepts; have a global real-time grasp of activity, and of course, always stay ahead of those who want to conquer your catchment area… There are many issues that CoSpirit will help you address with this web magazine.

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