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Improving leaflets’ distribution zones – Interview with Virginie Steinbach

Virginie Steinbach is the communication manager of the Emova Group, owner of the famous flower whops Monceau Fleurs and Rapid Flore. She talks about the studies carried out with the CoSpirit teams, especially in terms of leaflet distributions and catchment area.

Can you tell us about the Emova Group’s activity?

Emova Group owns three flower retailers: Monceau Fleurs (135 shops), Rapid Flore (102 shops) and Happy (40 shops). Each is different by its location, target and positioning on the market.
Monceau Fleurs is the premium brand of the groups, located in big cities (more than 25 000 inhabitants). Monceau Fleurs represents the elegance “à la française”: quality, good value for money, large choice in flowers and plants… Rapid Flore is a brand located in provincial cities with more than 8 000 inhabitants. It is an “affordable” brand: simplicity, conviviability, proximity. Finally, Happy is the “trendy” brand that we open in very big cities (more than 100 000 inhabitants). It offers flower products with a modern packaging. Happy concerns trendy, urban customers who are looking for modernity in flower shops. The 3 brands really complete each other and enable us to be located everywhere.

What project have you carried out with the CoSpirit teams?

We met the CoSpirit team two years ago when we launched a tender to find a media agency for two of our brands: Monceau fleurs ans Rapid Flore. We had chosen CoSpirit for Rapid Flore – at that time, we preferred one agency per brand –, because they were the only ones to propose a different approach in terms of communication: our interlocutors were specialists in proximity, just like we wished to be with Rapid Flore. Moreover, discussions were easy, simple and efficient.

First, we started to work on our communication plans, then we chose the accompanying and advisory service concerning the leaflet distribution and the redefinition of the the shops’ catchment areas. We used to worked directly with distributors, but it isn’t the case anymore: we were convinced that the CoSpirtit consultancy service was going to help us improve leaflet distribution in mailboxes.

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Do you often use mailbox leaflets for rapid Flore?

Yes, leaflets is the tool that generates the most traffic for this brand which is located in small cities. It’s the one we use the most. With the help of CoSpirit, we reviewed the distribution zones and improved the numbers of distributed leaflets. To do so, we took into account the information concerning where our customers came from, based on the shop’s loyalty cards data base. We also proposed to our franchisees a new system concerning leaflets which consists in defining, for each point of sale, two distribution zones: a “bastion” zone in order to touch the heart of the clientele and an extended zone to recruit. The “bastion” distribution zone was financed by the national advertising budget (ie the advertising fees payed by franchisees) and the extended zone financed by the franchisee who decides when to use it.

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Did it work?

Yes, it did! At the end of the first operation, we noticed that franchisees who had distributed in extended zones had a higher return rate, a higher traffic as well as a higher sales revenue than if they had only worked on their “bastion” zone. Thanks to Co Spirit, we also negotiated very interesting distribution costs in result of a call for tender. Moreover, we benefit from very competitive printing costs thanks to a collaborative platform for online orders of communication media of the CoSpirit group. Our franchisees already know this platform very well, they order all their communication media online.

The collaboration with CoSpirit is going to expand…

Yes, it is. CoSpirit is going work in Monceau Fleurs shops and define the best catchment areas and the best leaflet distribution zones for their local operations. This will help, for example, in deciding if we can open shops in province – because leaflets are less efficient in Paris and the suburbs. Concerning Happy, we have defined a new concept, we are going to open our pilot store and test it. Stay tuned!

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