CoSpirit MediaTrack, triple vainqueur du prix Agence Media de l'année by Offremedia

Managing all communication for a retailer with a network of outlets

  • Definition of the communication strategy
  • Development of a marketing action plan
  • Creation of multi-media campaigns – operational marketing

Supporting you on creative content adapted to local communication constraints

  • Creation of specific graphic charter for local media (catalogue, shelf display, other local media…)
  • Development of creative kits for managing recurrent local operations
  • Creation and roll-out of ad hoc visuals

Making your network autonomous and efficient in the establishment of ad hoc local media plans through specific tools

  • The”Panorama of local media” kit which selects media that is most relevant to a store/set of stores based on a mix of criteria
  • The “Local communication Kit” defines an example media plan for each scenario to be dealt with (communication opportunity, types of outlets, budgets…)
  • The “Media toolbox” that provides simple and practical instructions of the various media and non-media provisions that can be used to communicate locally
  • The “collaborative platform” for managing all online marketing and communication methods (customisation, manufacturing…)

Measuring the impact of your local
communication actions

  • Pre and post test creation of advertising
  • Post test single or multiple media (in particular Isa Impact, reference barometer for hard copy catalogues distributed through mailboxes)