CoSpirit MediaTrack, triple vainqueur du prix Agence Media de l'année by Offremedia

La pépinière

Because this fertile ground for interaction and talent is similar to the culture of our agency, CoSpirit MediaTrack has chosen the tropics of the 10th arrondissement build its own nursery garden: La pépinière houses 33 entrepreneurs who share our taste for innovation and creation. Nestled within this warm environment, nourished by shared ideas and intelligence, some of our offshoots have grown up tall and strong! Among others, we are proud to have housed CINQ MONDES and Homelidays, an online holiday letting business, in their early days.

Paris, Lyon & Tours

Housed in an old porcelain factory in Paris and a former brewery in Lyon, we love to bring a fresh perspective on everything that might tickle your curiosity! Designed in the best interests of both clients and occupants, our premises are as welcoming as our outlook is broad. Every day, we use these wide open spaces to celebrate conversation and conviviality, and thereby uphold the finest traditions of the master brewers who preceded us!

Old Beaujolais

In Lyon, we never miss the chance to get together over a drink! Every November, Beaujolais reminds us that our first duty is to honor the local terroir! To pay homage to its wonderful savoir-faire, we mark the event with old Beaujolais, which is more delicate than the new version. So come and join us! There are some nights when a glass should never stay half full.


In our Paris premises we provide opportunities for young, often unknown artists to exhibit paintings, photographs, sculptures and even illuminations!

So send your artistic creation to! Our selection committee is sensitive and open-minded like the rest of us, and welcomes enthusiastic, generous, singular, dreamy, wild artists … and even peintres maudits! You could be our lucky star beneath the glass … for the duration of an exhibition or an opening.