CoSpirit MediaTrack, triple vainqueur du prix Agence Media de l'année by Offremedia

CoSpirit MediaTrack, a triple-winner at the Offremedia Media Agency of the Year Awards

18 March 2016

In just 3 years, the Offremedia Prix Agence Media de l’Année has become a reference in the world of media consulting. Last night at the award ceremony for the French version of Media Agency of The Year, the CoSpirit MediaTrack group not only took first place on the podium in the Challenger category but also won the Innovation and Strategy prizes.

In addition to the high points that made 2015 such a successful year for the group (ever-growing revenues, several significant new contracts (including Carrefour for managing its local media), joining UDECAM (the French association of media buying and consultancy companies), co-chairing the AAMI (the French independent media arts alliance) and storming through the front door of the RECMA rankings), CoSpirit MediaTrack caught the attention of the Offremedia jury for the tangible progress detailed below.

1/ Multiple innovations with the development of digital tools to optimise its clients’ local communication

– V2 of the local media panorama online tool that allows group clients to navigate 13,000 local media titles

– The creation of an online billing monitoring tool adapted to each client group to manage the large volumes that local communication generates.

– The establishment of a new digital platform to optimise the provision of supporting documents and streamline the interaction between advertising networks, the media agency and clients.

2/ An original development strategy, based on 3 approaches

– Organic development, particularly among retail advertisers by relying on the expertise of local media.

– International expansion with the support of the Columbus global network of independent media agencies, which MediaTrack is a member and shareholder of. More on this in March 2016.

– Also through an external growth strategy with ongoing acquisition projects with the aim of becoming the top independent media agency in France.

3/ An innovative approach through joint-ventures with foreign companies or equity investments in start ups

Within the group, this innovative approach is known as RETAIL INNOV. The principle is twofold: create JVs with companies (mainly North American) who have offerings that add value for retailers in Europe or take stakes in start-ups that offer solutions and technologies that add value for retailers.

A winning strategy with two success stories and double-digit growth. An initial 51% stake (since rising to 100%) in an e-procurement platform to allow stores to order their local communication media. A second with a 30% stake in Roamler, a community of mobile users who check the quality of execution in stores to identify areas for optimisation.

In short, there is a diversification strategy that aims to place innovation at the service of gaining advertiser loyalty for the group and also give the group a competitive advantage.

Florian Grill – Co-Founder and Chairman & CEO of CoSpirit MediaTrack, on the Innovation Award

“The Innovation Award is often a harbinger of future growth, so it’s the one entrepreneurs want most!  At CoSpirit MediaTrack we’re convinced that there are still many things out there to be invented and many innovations to cooperate on in our business sectors, with our clients, advertising networks and all the teams. We would of course enjoy a quieter life by innovating less, but we would grow much more slowly and we would have much less fun! ”

Delphine Médeci – Associate Director of CoSpirit MediaTrack, on the Strategy Award

“This Strategy award naturally recognises the agency’s capacity for innovation, but also its capacity to invest in development approaches that differentiate and structure MediaTrack.

We’ve now had double-digit growth for three years and we very much hope that the strategy we are deploying will bear fruit in the coming three years. A big thank you finally to all those who ensure that this venture is also a people-centred venture that is such a pleasure to be part of: our advertising network partners, partners in advertising agencies, commercial and PR agencies, our advertisers who entrust us with their work and of course all the agency’s employees who, day in, day out, contribute expertise, commitment, mutual assistance and good humour, key values at CoSpirit MediaTrack.”

Marc Lewitanski – Director and Vice President at CoSpirit MediaTrack on the OffreMedia Agency of the Year Award, Challenger Category

“It’s a great source of pleasure and pride for CoSpirit MediaTrack teams to receive three awards. I want to give special thanks to Thierry Amar, the Offremedia teams and the evening’s partners. “Special thanks” because we in the media profession needs these events to bring us together, promote exchange and continue to build our business areas for the future.

Whatever the market challenges, even if times are tough for many, there’s no such thing as fate, there’s always a place in our market for innovative companies, independents capable of providing genuine service to their clients. And this can and should be done in the right spirit, with good humour, and without ever losing sight of the desire to ‘make it new’!”



Created in 1994, the CoSpirit Group is an independent marketing & media operational consulting group. The group specialises in optimising local or national marketing campaigns and media for three types of client: retail networks, local and regional authorities, brands.

Thanks to the launch of its Ambitions plan in mid-2012 and the high-performance digital tools developed by internal R&D teams to help customers optimise their actions, the group has experienced very strong growth, doubling revenues in three years (EUR 13.5 million in 2015).

The group launched its Ambitions 2 plan at the end of 2015, setting the following goals for 2018:

– strengthen its position as No. 1 in local communication in France and become No. 1 in Europe,

– become the top independent media agency in France through an external growth strategy, strengthen its international network, Columbus, and organic development (total space bought by the group in 2015 estimated at EUR 367 million)

– support innovation in the retail sector.

The group is also pursuing its expansion internationally, where it generates nearly 10% of its revenues, drawing on the Columbus international network of independent media agencies, of which it is a member and shareholder.

The group holds a 30% stake in Roamler France, a mobile phone application enabling a community of mobile users (Roamlers) to carry out field missions.

The CoSpirit group obtained the 5th highest rating in the RECMA qualitative ranking published in June 2015, where it also posted the strongest growth in business volume (+ 25%). The group currently has 105 permanent employees based in Paris, Lyon and Tours.

In September 2015, CoSpirit developed a webmag 100% dedicated to local communication, at: