CoSpirit MediaTrack, triple vainqueur du prix Agence Media de l'année by Offremedia

CoSpirit group announces a new development phase with Plan Ambitions 2, with the goal of doubling its revenues by 2018

18 March 2016

Bolstered by sustained growth since the launch of its first Ambitions plan in 2012, with group revenues more than doubling in 3 years from EUR 6.5 million to a forecast of EUR 13.5 million in 2015, the CoSpirit group is setting itself new goals for 2018, with a sales target of EUR 25 million. To achieve this, the group intends to strengthen its position as No. 1 in local communication in France, become No. 1 in Europe and target top spot among  independent media agencies in France. These ambitious goals translate to a new strategy for innovation and external growth.

First objective: CoSpirit is already No. 1 in local communication in France. It must also become No.1 in Europe

Local communication is a recognised area of CoSpirit expertise. Over the last 20 years, Cospirt has become the preferred partner of retail networks and local authorities (9 out of 22 regions use the group). The local market is poorly handled by large media agencies and CoSpirit aims to consolidate its position as No. 1 in France, but also to become No. 1 in Europe. The agency already takes care of the sales outlet communication in France and abroad for several of its retail customers (Carrefour, Decathlon etc.). It offers several advantages: digital tools for shops developed by its R&D teams, an unparalleled Store Contact Team to develop responsive local media and location-based communication, 230 local media observers and 10,000 mobile users for missions in the field.

Second objective: MediaTrack aims to become the No. 1 independent media agency in France

In the wake of its double award as OffreMedia Media Agency Challenger of the Year 2015 for growth and innovation, MediaTrack aims to become the No.1 independent media agency in France. MediaTrack intends to bring three growth levers to bear to achieve this: organic growth with particular gains expected from new customers in the retail world, the agency’s specialist sector, acquisitions that will allow it to measure up against the big networks and also international growth with the development of its international network of independent media agencies.

Third objective: Continue to innovate in the service of local communication and retail 

The CoSpirit Group’s equity investments in start-ups Roamler and AR Development* have added to its retail offering, to make local marketing actions and communication even more efficient. The group is convinced of the contribution new technologies can make for large retail groups but notes that their ability to innovate is often low because of the difficulty of moving head office and the operational end forward together. The CoSpirit group therefore wishes to leverage its technology knowhow and its base of retail customers in France and Europe to develop both a start-up incubation facility and joint ventures with innovative companies abroad who want to grow in the retail market in Europe.

To achieve these growth objectives, the CoSpirit group is planning investments of EUR 2 million, some of which will be devoted to strengthening its internal organisation with the recruitment of 45 people over the next 3 years.


About the CoSpirit group:

Created in 1994, the CoSpirit Group is an independent marketing & media operational consulting group. The group specialises in optimising local or national marketing campaigns and media for three types of client: retail networks, local and regional authorities and brands.

Thanks to the launch of its Ambitions plan in mid-2012 and the high-performance digital tools developed by internal R&D teams to help customers optimise their actions, the group is enjoying very strong growth: 30% in 2013 and 39% in 2014 with revenues of EUR 11.5 million and a target of EUR 13.5 million for 2015. The group’s gross volumes for purchase of space also exceed EUR 225 million and the group expects this to grow to EUR 300 million in 2015.

The group is also pursuing its expansion internationally, where it generates nearly 10% of its revenues, drawing on the Columbus international network of independent media agencies, of which it is a member and shareholder.

*On 1 July 2015, CoSpirit became the 100% owner of AR Development, which publishes the AR Connect solution, a local production and creations platform for retail networks and their stores.

The group also holds a 30% stake in Roamler France, a mobile phone application enabling a community of mobile users (Roamlers) to carry out field missions.

The CoSpirit group obtained the 5th highest rating in the RECMA qualitative ranking published in June 2015, where it also posted the strongest growth in business volume (+ 25%).

The group currently has 100 permanent employees based in Paris, Lyon and Tours.